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IRS Notices

Posted on February 5, 2018 at 10:04 AM Comments comments (979)
We have noticed a large increase in the number of notices from IRS and
Ga Dept of Revenue that clients are receiving, telling you that you owe
extra money, or a penalty, or something is missing. Most of these are incorrect
and are due to IRS misposting or other incorrect processing by their
technicians, or documents you never received from banks or brokerages.
When we receive a notice, we try to handle as many as possible by
mailing in our responses to the IRS, rather than by calling. A typical phone
call requires an hour to reach the right department, and usually they require
a written explanation anyway. Unfortunately, this process could take over
a month to receive a response or before any corrections made to your account.
So what should you do if you receive a notice?
Fax or email us a copy of the notice so we can see what is going on. It
is difficult to decipher what they need until we see their correspondence
and some letters have document id numbers we need when we respond.
Our offices will then prepare a response, whether by phone or mail as
appropriate, to rectify the problem.

Please be patient as we clear the issue, as sometimes we must respond
two to three times to clear the same issue (and in the meantime, you keep
getting scary notices in the mail saying you are going to jail).  Eventually,
we will clear it up ! And, so far, none of my clients have gone to jail
(at least for their income taxes)!